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+ from 200 users, from 2015 serving companies in the United States

Clocklabor Mobile

All your recorded hours.
Clockwork Mobile, you will have full control of your hours.

Clocklabor Group

You can work with multiple clients.
Clock Labor Group, you can record all hours on a mobile phone.

Clocklabor Plus

Control of fixed hours on the Tablet.
Clock work Plus and Excellent for Restaurants, Pizzerias, Bakeries and various branches of commerce in general

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Have the Most Complete Time Control Application

Clocklabor was created in 25 in August of 2015, through a great need to work with transparency between the collaborator and the entrepreneur.

After visiting a few companies in the field of Construction, I and my team of programmers started this new project to revolutionize the control of hours in external works

Our Benefits

With our Application, your company saves millions, besides accompanying all the work without the need to go to each one of them

  • Real-time information
  • Timetable, OFFLINE, with Intelligent Synchronization System
  • Daily Activity Tracking
  • Before and After Activity Registration with Images
  • Follow-up of the Activity History for Entrepreneur / Manager / Owner
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Video Illustrative Clocklabor

Know how simple our Solution

App screens

Get to know some screens

How does it work?

Through the action of each your company will have several satisfactory results

Errors in hours

If you add 30 minutes a day, 144 hours a year. Cost of $ 2.880.00 in $ 20.00 hours, for each employee.

Profits and losses

You will have the information of what the actual cost that that customer had in Expenses X Revenues

Activity record

Your Employee will already have all the Activities that need to be performed in each job


You and your Client can, through an in-app code, monitor the productivity of your work with images and texts


Loved by our customers

A Solution that came to make life easier for each one

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We work according to your Company Profile. If you have fewer employees, you will pay less, each employee more, and make an addition.


Advanced + Users
  • $ 120,00 per year